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The future of residential real estate starts here.

Our mission.

ResiLabs™ identifies and addresses unmet needs in the residential sector. We challenge the status quo of existing housing solutions and build platforms that improve social and environmental outcomes by making housing more affordable, accessible, and sustainable.


Our success is built on complementary strengths.

The founding partners established ResiLabs to benefit from their shared experience. Together, they have consistently demonstrated success in venture building, residential investment and management, property technology, and capital markets. The team has a proven track record of delivering high quality, fair housing solutions to their customers.

A partnership formed by

Regis Group_2_edited.png

A leading real estate private equity investor and operator with more than $20 billion of investments, that launched 11 national real estate platforms in the U.S. and the U.K., and created 4 new real estate financing structures.


The nation's premier single-family home leasing company with a portfolio of more than 80,000 homes in 16 markets across the U.S.

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The largest venture capital firm focused on technology-driven innovation for the global real estate industry, with approximately $3 billion in commitments and capital under management.

Introducing our latest platform.


We create homeowners.
Pathway Homes' mission is to create more homeowners by providing new options for people who are shut out of the market, configured to meet their needs at different points on the path to ownership.

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